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let yourself bloom

wellbeing programmes 
& coaching

for women to optimise their health & lifestyle
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lost your mojo? stuck in a rut? living on auto pilot? feeling hollow or lost? or are you at a crossroads?

reclaim your sweet spot at the me spot™
where your wellbeing is in the spotlight!


reconnect, reclaim & celebrate who you are

the me spot™ provides wellbeing programmes and coaching for women to reconnect, reclaim and celebrate who they are.


Harnessing best practice knowledge from around the world, the me spot™ provides a straightforward, time efficient and cost effective wellbeing approach that not only empowers women, but provides direction, clarity and the tools to live a healthier and more meaningful life. 

it's time to step into your power and shine in the spotlight!

what we offer

the me spot™ provides a dedicated place for you to take time to focus on nourishing yourself.  We offer both online learning programmes and one-on-one sessions.


Our online programme provides the best practical tools, advice and insights for you to reaffirm and nourish yourself. We know that time is a major barrier to women investing in their personal growth and wellbeing, so we have kept the lessons concise, and the tools practical and easy to implement while still giving you the space to reflect and absorb all the information we share.


Our one-on-one coaching is tailored to your wellbeing needs. Sarah has a wholehearted coaching style, ensuring you feel at ease, and heard, in a private and non-judgemental space.

a straightforward wellbeing approach

to understand your deepest self and take ownership of your life.

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my name is 
sarah nash

I have always been passionate about self development and personal growth.

There is so much information on wellbeing and self help that it can be overwhelming to even know where to start, letalone what actually works!


With this in mind, I've developed the me spot™ as a way of providing women with the best advice and tools I've learned over the years, through a streamlined, centralised place.

I believe that self-awareness is the key to living your life to its fullest. If we don't understand what really matters to us, what drives and energises us, then we aren't owning our own unique place on earth. If we don't invest the time to understand ourselves, then we won't ever feel fulfilled, regardless of all the materialistic things we use to prop ourselves up – it's not lasting.


take charge of your life

✓ Come away feeling like you are in control of your life, with a strong understanding of who you are and what direction you want to go in.


✓ Gain clarity and leave with the tools to optimise your health and wellbeing.


✓ Feel supported and nourished through wholehearted coaching.

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I would highly recommend the me spot™ to anyone – you won’t be disappointed!  It was perfect timing when I embarked on this programme and I was at a crossroads in my life and unsure of which direction to take.

Sarah’s coaching provided me with clarity on what my strengths are and how I can combine them with my passions.  Sarah is approachable, inspiring and so easy to chat with. 

She provided me with excellent tools to develop my self-growth. I’m so excited to begin the next chapter on life's journey and apply the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from the me spot™.


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