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wellbeing coaching

Want to make changes to elevate your wellbeing? Wanting to get healthier, move more, eat better, sleep better, feel better about you? Or perhaps you're feeling out of sync with yourself and want to reconnect and find clarity around who you are and where you are heading?

Experience wholehearted wellbeing coaching from me, Sarah Nash.

I provide a nurturing, non-judgemental environment to enable you to bloom.


I'll help you unlock the changes you want to create. You are in the driver's seat of your life, but sometimes we leave the car in cruise control. I'll help you get back in control, at a pace you are comfortable with and in the lane you want to drive in.


you are the focus!

The coaching process is designed for you to connect with what drives and motivates you. Through this emotional connection you'll be able to create the change you want in your life. With my caring nature and insightful intuition, I will help you take control of your wellbeing.

My qualifications include:
Bachelor of Communications - Auckland University of Technology
PreKure Health Coaching Certificate 
Certificate in The Science of Wellbeing - Yale University
Certificate in Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life - University of Michigan

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the process

1 /    After you sign on to the FREE 30-minute discovery session with a booking link where you can select a time to connect with Sarah, either face-to-face, in Napier or via Zoom. There is also short top line  'getting to know you' form to submit to provide some background information ahead of the call.


2 /    At your FREE discovery session, you'll build on what Sarah has learned from your 'getting to know you' form and delve deeper to understand what you want to get from well-being coaching. Importantly you will see if there is a good rapport between you both, as that will be fundamental for your coaching partnership.


3/    Together with Sarah, you will discuss how many sessions you may require to reach your goals. There are three bundle options - depending on what you want to achieve.

Coaching bundles:

4 x sessions = $690

8 x session = $1200

12 x session = $1650


4 /    The discovery session is 30 minutes, and each following session is 45 minutes.


5 /    Sessions can take place via Zoom, over the phone or in my Napier office.

get in the driver's seat of your life!
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I have just finished Sarah’s program through the me spot™ and it was AMAZING! Sarah is knowledgeable, helpful and so incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. I found it to be an interesting insight into my values and strengths and it really allowed me to reflect on who I am and steer myself in a new direction. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

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