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the me spot™
foundation programme:  
authentically you

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are you at a crossroads? feeling disillusioned with life? stuck in a rut? frustrated that all the routines you try seem to quickly fade?

are you tired of feeling that you're not really 'living' your life? or that the focus is never on you and what's best for you?

the me spot™ 'Authentically You' online wellbeing programme empowers women by giving them the tools to really see themselves.


When you've taken the time to connect with who you are and what you want, EVERYTHING becomes clearer!


You'll be more decisive, confident and in control of your emotions, which will ripple through to your relationships, work and health.

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how it works

the me spot™ 'Authentically You' programme is run over six weeks.

At the beginning of each week you'll receive a key learning video, which will cover the focus for that week along with a worksheet that outlines the actions.

Midweek you'll receive a shorter follow-up video that supports you to complete the week's activities.

we know women feel time poor so our programme is tailored for you.
we are inviting you to carve out at least 20 minutes a day, or a couple of hours across a week - whatever works best for you - to invest in yourself, ideally in a place where you won't be disturbed.


We appreciate that everyone likes to do things differently.

We have two options:


1 /    Solo but Supported

  • Our 'Solo but Supported' programme suits women who prefer to do things on their own and feel they just need to refresh their relationship with themselves.

  • You'll receive two videos and corresponding worksheets per week over a period of six weeks (12 in total).

  • You will also have two 30-minute check in calls with Sarah, ideally one at the end of week two and the other at the beginning of week six. These support calls provide an opportunity to chat through the process or any areas you may be finding more challenging.


2 /    Shared Journey    

  • Our 'Shared Journey' provides a tailored space to workshop the various topics more deeply one-on-one.

  • You'll receive two videos and corresponding worksheets per week over a period of six weeks (12 in total), and you’ll have the added benefit of a weekly hour-long coaching call with Sarah who will guide you through the process, navigating challenges and breakthroughs.

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live your life the way you want to 

take a deep dive into who you are and discover what matters most to you
as aristotle said,
"knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”;

don't wait a lifetime to truly connect to your deepest self.
sign up for the me spot™ 'authentically you' programme and embrace your strengths, be guided by your values, that help fuel your passions, and live your true purpose. Be in control of how your life unfolds!
The last month working with Sarah has been wonderful. Quite a journey & very thought provoking. When I reflect on where I was at the start of the me spot™ programme to the end I feel I have grown with some good (but personal) realisations along the way.  Thank you Sarah for your guidance along this path. It is the start of a very good journey!

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