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"see yourself, step into your space and be confident to be seen for who you truly are. share your unique youness with the world and become a self being."*
*a sarah nashism - someone who knows themselves and is actively reflecting this with everything they do.

my name is sarah

I’m a certified health and wellbeing coach with a Yale University certificate in the Science of Wellbeing, a certificate from the University of Michigan on Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life, and an Auckland University of Technology Bachelor of Communications degree.


In real life (ha ha!!) I’m a working mum, juggling kids and their active schedules, predominately on my own as my husband is away a lot. I also look after a cute but mischievous labrador called Beau and a pretty and delightfully bolshie cat named Coco! I’m constantly working to elevate my life balance, squeezing in exercise and prioritising catch-ups with family and friends. And I love to eat well and get lots of sleep. Some days I nail it and others it’s right out of whack – but, hey, that’s life!

I’ve always had a hunger for self-development and personal growth, right back to my teenage years when I read self help books and attended philosophy courses and healing workshops. Back then it was deemed a bit airy fairy or new agey and indulgent, but I was always looking at ways to learn more about myself and why I behaved as I did. On reflection, I was finding my place in the world.

A few decades later (eek!), and a tonne of ‘life’ experience under my belt, I was thinking about the numerous books and articles I’ve read, the countless podcasts I’ve listened to, and the vast number of workshops I’ve participated in and seminars I’ve attended. I realised all had given me a wealth of information I wanted to share. While individually, each activity added to my understanding of myself, this rather accidentally fortuitous approach to the journey didn’t need to take as long as it did.


That’s when I started on my mission to consolidate everything I’d learned and create a pathway to empower women on their journey to discover themselves and nourish their sweet spot. In launching the me spot™, I combined everything I have learned over three decades, the Authentically You programme is the foundation course to help you become deeply self-aware, know who you are, and live your most fulfilled life. I believe that once you have a strong, focused sense of who you are, everything can fall into place. My aim with this foundational programme is to ensure you can see and embrace the best in yourself through understanding your whole self so you feel empowered to live your best life.


My qualifications include:

Bachelor of Communications - Auckland University of Technology

PreKure Health Coaching Certificate 

Certificate in The Science of Wellbeing - Yale University

Certificate in Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life - University of Michigan

sarah nash reading.jpg
Sarah's course came into my life at the perfect time! Navigating a career change and permanent residency in New Zealand brought new levels of overwhelm into my life.

the me spot™ helped me re-evaluate areas in my professional and personal life that were lacking luster so that I could map my next steps with confidence. the me spot™ is an invitation to sit down with yourself, re-engage with your values and move forward with momentum. If you're looking for an injection of positivity and purpose, I highly recommend journeying with Sarah through this course! 

Thank you for the experience :)

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